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Here is a great opportunity to serve the community of homeless veterans, as part of a huge event in Phoenix.

We are putting the call out for any volunteers who want to participate in Feb 2015


We have 4 sessions over the two days – Thursday 8:30-1:00; Thursday 12:30-4:30; Friday 8-12:30 and Saturday 12-4:30.

Overlapping and working part of a shift is also possible.

We Need:

Anyone can volunteer.  More information about this event in Phoenix is available

SIGN UP NOW so we can rest better at night, knowing this part of organizing for the event is done!

For location, parking instructions, questions and anything else please contact Diane Eggleston

Chinese Periocular Acupuncture CEU’s Sunday, Feb 22nd (and CPR class)

Presented by Y.M. Chen,  L.Ac.

Chinese Periocular Acupuncture (CPA) was created by Dr. Peng Jing Shan in 1970. It has been developed and promoted by Dr. Hoy Ping Hee Chan, OMD, L.Ac. in Seattle, WA. Years of clinical experiences have proved that CPA is considered one of excellent TCM diagnostic and treatment methods.  With intensive and rich clinic records of patient care, YM Chen, L.Ac. will share his knowledge and clinical experiences with acupuncturists throughout the US. and  the state. This course will review intensively about eye ocuzones and its diagnostic and treatment specification and indication. Morning session will focus on CPA for neuromuscular medicine and afternoon session will focus on CPA for internal medicine, including common ocular dysfunctions and ocular melanoma.